Fear NO mirror.
Coolsculpting is in!
Tristate Coolsculpt offers a safe and effective FDA cleared procedure to freeze away fat cells permanently!

With coolsculpting there is NO DOWNTIME, No surgery, and long term results are noticeable within 1-3 months.

This cutting edge technology is Hollywood's best kept secret for eliminating those stubborn fat pockets that endless workouts can't seem to get rid of.

Come Chill Out!

Relaxing office

Our office is minutes away from NYC by the Lincoln Tunnel in Secaucus NJ. Our medical office is equiped with multiple rooms and a relaxing and futuistic cool theme meant to chill you out while we safely and simply freeze your fat away. Results can be seen in as little as 3 weeks!
About Dr. Bellifemine


20+ years of Excellent Service.

Dr. Morris Bellifemine M.D. has been practicing medicine for over 22 years and a former Chief Medical Officer C.M.O. at New Jersey Meadowlands Hospital medical center.

-Nominated for top 10 New Jersey Physicians 2017
-Chief Medical Officer C.M.O. Meadowlands Hospital NJ
-Director Intensive Care Unit ICU Meadowlands
-Pulmonary Director 
-Director Sleep Lab
-2015 Hudson County NJ Award Admin of the year
-B.E. of A.B.I.M.

Undergrad St. Peters University
Medical school University Northeastern
Training residency UMDNJ
Chief Resident Internal Medicine UMDNJ
Pulmonary Medicine UMDNJ
Clinical Professor teaching residency program Touro College

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"Coolsculpting happens! It Works!
             it's a Great start BOOST to your fitness plan!"

The service sells intself, freeze away fat?! SIGN ME UP!
No wonder it's Hollywood's 'best kept secret'.

It is FDA cleared to treat pockets of fat, through a cold process that causes only fat cells to freeze and slowly die and your body metabolizes it within a few weeks. This plays big on that stubborn lower belly fat that is a common issue for many in today's fast paced lifestyle eating habbits in america.